Bargain Dresser turned Boutique Counter

I dove into Pinterest at the urging of my friend, Emilly. She is the owner of ReLove Creative Workshop and uses Pinterest on a regular basis for her business. I was looking for a creative, yet fairly inexpensive, checkout counter or something to use as a checkout counter at my new boutique.

After scouring Pinterest, I was inspired to think outside the box. We visited the local Dicker and Deal but I was not sure what I was looking for. A bar…. A long dresser…. A desk…. I was really unsure. I stood in the store for hours on a few different occasions, tape measure in hand. I am fairly certain that the guys working there thought I was (A) Never going to leave and (B) Never going to buy anything. But, I did!

I found these 2 great dressers and a organizer top to a desk.

I loved this dresser because the middle cabinet has 3 drawers that are perfect for sliding receipts and paperwork in without opening them.


This piece was ideal for hiding items on the counter and great for holding office supplies.


I liked this piece for behind the checkout counter for storage and a great display space. The left two drawer open to 3 drawers and the right side has a set of shelves.


A few more items would complete this project. Pinterest showed old wood doors used as the front of desks and as the top. We picked those up from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Then the assembly…

My vision was for the counter to be higher so I would not be leaning down all day. So, we propped the dresser up on 3 legs of 2 stacked 4×4’s. We did the same with the other dresser. Then we added the door to the front of the dresser and to the top. We topped that off with the desk organizer piece.

Assembling the checkout countercash wrap counter

We removed and painted the handles. For the dressers we used CeCe Caldwell chalk paint. I was shocked, no sanding, priming, or any prep involved. The paint is non-toxic, no VOC’s, does not smell, and it sticks to EVERYTHING! At this point, I was still not sure that everything would come together the way I imagined.

But, it did!

finished cash wrap counterdresser turned cash wrap

I love how functional and beautiful these one of a kind pieces became. Not to mention, I got to upcycle and save tons of money.

Thank you for your contribution and inspiration:

ReLove Creative Workshop and Lucky Star Lane

Come see us in Lansing, MI and see our masterpiece for yourself at Mother and Earth Baby Boutique.


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