Ear Infections

‘Tis the season for ear infections! When our oldest was diagnosed with a double-ear infection at nearly 1 year old; we did exactly what our parents did for us. We gave him the antibiotic prescribed by his doctor.  That was a fight in itself. He felt awful and now we were trying to force this medication down his throat. It made a huge mess and we were lucky if he got half the dose. Not even a few months later, he was diagnosed with yet another ear infection. We got his medication but we were a little leery about going through this again. I did some research online and the results shocked me. I recall reading, using antibiotics do not typically speed up recovery, using antibiotics to fight ear infections can lead to recurrent ear infections, many times ear infections are viral and antibiotics would be ineffective. Then, you have the possible side effects of antibiotic use: nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, killing of good gut bacteria, allergic reactions, and building antibiotic resistance…. SCARY!Ear Oil

We opted to search for a more natural approach to healing his earache. We purchased some ear oil from a local health food store. I also made some homemade, but I found it was difficult to store and re-warm. I use the oil 3-5 times per day when our kids start to show signs of ear discomfort. When our first child was younger, I just warmed it up and put a few drops in his ears while he was sleeping, now that he is older, he lays down and loves for me to drop some in his ears and massage around the ear for a while. I also made some rice socks; it is incredible how long they hold heat. Recently, I stuffed them under my little one’s hat to keep his ears warm and free of the blustering wind. They also work well to lay on children’s ears while they sleep. The rice socks also come in handy for sore muscles.rice-socks-header Just be sure they are a safe temperature.

Our son had a few more ear infections after that, but we let them heal naturally. It has been over a year (he is 3 years old now) since his last ear infection. I feel like that may not be the case if we had given him antibiotics each time.

Now when we go to the doctor for an illness, we inquire as to the severity. Our pediatrician will tell us something like ‘if you want to see if it clears up that would be fine, just watch for these symptoms’. Our pediatrician understands we like avoid medical intervention unless necessary. I know that is not always the case with doctors so I encourage you to find a pediatrician that cares to understand you as a parent!

“Mainstream medicine would be way different if they focused on prevention even half as much as they focused on intervention…”  ~Anonymous

-Lynn Ross

Mom and Owner of http://www.MotherAndEarth.com

Please Note~ This blog is purely based on my personal experience and research. It is not intended to replace or give medical advice. In my store people ask my opinion and experience with natural healing so I thought I would share it here for all to read. Thank you.


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