Almost Here!!!

Kids grow up so fast. That phrase sounds so cliche, but we all know it’s true. Sometimes though they grow up faster than we can keep up.

Thankfully, we can help. It is almost Mom2Mom sale season! For those of you who don’t know, a Mom2Mom sale is essentially a large garage sale that local entrepreneurs can go sell their products at, at a reasonable price!

Now there are a couple of tricks for shopping at one, (thanks to

  • Get there early, the line to get in can be really long OR buy a pre-sale ticket from Mother and Earth Baby Boutique (that’s us) for $5 and get in a half-hour early to the Peckham Sale!
  • Bring enough CASH in small bills to make purchases
  • Dress comfortably (walking shoes, layers)
  • Bring a friend (A friend is always more fun!)
  • Check out your items before purchasing (check for broken zippers, stains, etc)

If you want to see more tips, click on the link above!

Make sure you stop at our booth at the coming Mom2Mom sales and say hello!!!


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